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Split entire albums or concerts from single audio file into tracks

Many youtube videos contain several songs because they were uploaded as either an entire album or complete concert, or continuous DJ mix. I suspect that what I'm asking for might best be be implanted as a separate program because the problem of detecting where a song split should occur may require human intervention. Some automation could be provided by detecting silences between songs. This might work for many (perhaps most) studio albums, But would fail for live concerts where audience noise bridges songs or on concept albums or DJ mixes where one song flows into the next, or even in the rare case where a song contains a deliberate silence,

This simplest approach from a programming standpoint would be to apply a set of time offsets to the file. The time offset would specify where track breaks should occur. Obviously the user would have had to to preview the file making note of these offsets, and then enter them manually.

For a more user-friundly approach, I envision a program that displayed the sound file as a timeline waveform much as a full-fledged sound editing program does. There would initially be two movable track division markers, one at the beginning of the file, and one at the end. They could be dragged to effectively delete leading and trailing silence. Controls would allow zooming and scrolling of the timeline to allow precise placement of additional markers. Clicking a marker would select it. A selected marker (other that the first or last one) could be deleted with the delete key. Pressing Play would preview the audio from the selected marker forward until the next marker. Markers could be moved left or right.

When the user was satisfied that each track was delineated by a marker, Export could be initiated which would produce a set of files, one for each span between markers.

macbrett , 26.06.2017, 19:11
Idea status: under consideration


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